What device do people use to research lawyers online?

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What device do people use to research lawyers online? Participants were asked what device or devices they would use to research a law firm online. The usage for mobile devices is fairly high. It makes sense given mobile usability rates in 2019 and considering that for many users, their phone is the only source Internet that [...]

The Death of Proximity Marketing – (For Now)

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What Just Happened To Proximity Marketing? Google just effectively killed off proximity marketing as it exists today. (This serves as another example of why a holistic marketing approach is the Sherpa way). The are sunsetting their “nearby notifications” on December 6th. For all the “proximity Marketing” companies this is really bad news. Those are the [...]

Tampa SEO is Not Tampa SEO – a heartbreaking story

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I was heartbroken when just talked to two prospective customers who had been paying $500 and $700 a month for “SEO services” and essentially got an article, a link, and a ranking report for what they paid. They had just cancelled after 6 and 8 months and had seen no improvement in their rankings (they are [...]

Tampa Charities and Why We Give – Hint: It’s Not Charity

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In Tampa, Charity is thrown around as a word a little loosely. We donate 10% of all our profits to "charities" around the Tampa Area. However, we feel that the word charity lessens the value of the organizations that do the hard work of helping other. Charity it somehow optional, but the work helping organizations [...]

Why your competitors show up for local searches and your business doesn’t

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Don’t you hate it when you offer better service, products or prices and your competition still outranks you online!? If you’re not showing up as well as you feel you deserve, you want to check out a couple of elements that will affect you online presence: Is your business verified on Google and do you have [...]

Voice Search May Put You Out Of Business

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Voice Search May Put You Out Of Business Think that voice search is a fad or that all this technology is just voodoo? Well, you may find yourself closing your doors if your competitors embrace it. Alexa, Google Home and Echo are making their way into homes and help do a number of great things. However, [...]

Why SEO generates positive ROI

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Why SEO generates positive ROI Many SEO companies get a bad name not because they don’t know what they are doing, but because they are too scared to tell a client they won’t see instant results. When you sign up for SEO services, you don’t necessarily need to be locked in an iron-clad contract. However, you [...]

How search engines really work and how to rank

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How search engines really work and how to rank So, this article came about when I was reading some posts about how some people feel different search engines are “controlled” by the liberal and/or conservative media. It was a very spirited discussion; each side giving their views about why certain search engines filter and give [...]

Make Great YouTube Videos for Your Business

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Today, I'm going to show you how to ramp up your video awesomeness for your business YouTube videos. Along with this video is a transcript of the video so if you're somewhere where you can't watch or just want the main points, you have them! Making Great YouTube Videos for Your Business Transcript: [...]

The Business of SEO

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The Business of SEO Today, everyone has heard of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and has likely formed an opinion on it. Most companies have either embraced it, rejected it, or have “tried” SEO in some form at some point. Most businesses today (including us!) get multiple SEO emails per week promising “guaranteed rankings”, or [...]

You Need A Marketing System

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You need a marketing system. Most of my clients are smaller companies that don’t rely on an outside sales force and need people to reach out to them. Also, most of my clients are super busy and have people who handle the day to day answering the phones, etc. Many of them have a scheduling [...]

5 Hacks To Keep You From Getting “Ubered”

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Here's our latest video on ways to stay relevant in today's world.  Your business CAN be disrupted by technology or competition. You might have a business that is geo-specific (people need to actually show up to do something like an HVAC company), or a business that can't be "outsourced" (I hear this all the time), but the [...]

The Google Chrome Ad Blocker – Endorsed by A Tampa Marketing Firm

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Chrome Browser Ad Blocker Endorsed By Plain White T-Shirt Marketing Now, why would a Tampa marketing firm be endorsing Chrome’s new ad blocker software? Well, it only blocks the ads that violate the terms that Google has set out.  These are the ads that tell you you have been “infected” and to click to fix and [...]

Tampa Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

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Today, we're going to focus on local Tampa area marketing. Why, because people still don't seem to be getting the benefits from what is available from Google and beyond. First, if you have a local business in Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater or anywhere around here, the real estate on Google's front page is becoming increasingly hard to keep [...]

The Small Free Stuff Makes Your Brand

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It’s the small things that make your brand. Who is the first person to make an impression on your customer? They are likely to influence your brand moving forward, and possibly forever. In the business, we call the term “Touchpoints” on the customer journey.  You might call this “the person answering phones, or the website”. Studies [...]

Should I Hire My First Marketing Person?

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Should I hire a marketing person if I have never had one? The short answer is no. When small companies are in a growth mode it seems like it makes sense to have an in-house marketing person.  This is usually accompanied by a budget for an out of school person, like 35,000 and a plan [...]

Are You Saving Your Way Out Of Business? – SEO Realities

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SEO and Saving Your Way Out Of Business Is saving on marketing hurting your business? Wait, wait… this article isn’t about spending a whole lot on marketing written by an agency who wants you to spend money.  It’s about knowing if your spending is actually being wasted, which is way worse than spending too much. I [...]

Without a Sales Funnel, You Have An Ice Cream Truck

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Without a solid and repeatable sales funnel, you have an ice cream truck. Where you essentially drive your product around, making lots of noise, in hopes that people who want your product right at that very second you pass by come running into the street waving money and stop you. While theoretically, this might work, it's [...]

10 solid ways for generating new customers and more money right now

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We’ve all been in that place where to make payroll or to replace that truck you need money “NOW”.  These are some ideas for fast customer generation that you can likely do yourself or get done very cheaply and quickly. Many of these can be implemented and getting dollars for you the same day.  No, [...]

Build A Brand That Makes Them Pick You!

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Branding For Better Customers A brand is the image, the idea, the experience of a specific product that customers connect with. It is more than just a tagline, it is about the perception. The main purpose of branding is to help your clients understand what you should offer and what makes you different from the rest. It [...]

The Power of Goal Setting for Small Business Marketing

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Today is a milestone me as I help small businesses with their marketing. Last month, I flew across the country to attend a meeting with my marketing peers and meet with some of the incredible leadership team from Duct Tape Marketing. During the meeting I stated that I was going to meet some important milestones for my [...]

The Podcast Bandwagon is Still Relevant for Small Businesses

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95% of all Americans now have a smart phone of some kind.  29% of them have tried downloading and listening to podcasts at one point in time.  That’s millions who have been exposed to podcasts during a period they are seeking to learn something. These statistics alone will show you the vast potential that can [...]

Surefire Methods To Boost Your Traffic Starting Last night

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Internet. Business. Earnings. To totally integrate these words into an effective merger you'll need to add another phrase. Traffic. Every article you will see about making your site or company successful would always include the value of creating traffic. So, everybody knows that in the center of everything, traffic is the most essential thing to [...]

The Real Secret Behind Local Online Marketing

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Ok, there are actually a few real secrets, they are not really secrets, and they are pretty much common sense. However, you’re likely still not doing all of them because you are busy getting work done. So let’s talk about “owning” the local market. Before you try and be #1 locally (whatever that means to you), [...]

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